ASME B16.26-2006


Cast Copper Alloy Fittings for Flared Copper Tubes

standard by ASME International, 09/29/2006

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ASME B16.26, 2006 Edition – Cast Copper Alloy Fittings for Flared Copper Tubes

This Standard establishes specifications for cast copper alloy fittings and nuts used with flared seamless copper tube conforming to ASTM B 88 (water and general plumbing systems). Included are requirements for the following: (a) pressure rating; (b) size; (c) marking; (d) material; (e) dimensions; (f) threading; (g) hydrostatic testing. Title 49, Part 192, “Minimum Safety Standards for Transportation of Natural and Other Gas by Pipe Line”, ASME B31.8, or ANSI Z223.1. The standard shall apply to valves operated in a temperature environment between -20 F and 150 F. This standard sets forth the minimum capabilities, characteristics, and properties which a valve at the time of manufacture must possess, in order to be considered suitable for use in gas piping systems. Details of design and manufacture, other than those stated in this standard, including such design and production tests that will produce a valve that will have the required capabilities to meet this standard, remain the responsibility of the manufacturer. Each test in which damage to the valve could result, i.e.,Tests 3.3,.3.4.1, 3.4.2,3.4.3 and 3.4.4, shall be conducted on new unused samples of the valve.

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