ASME B29.17M-1998 (R2018)


Hinge Type Flat Top Conveyor Chains and Sprocket Teeth

standard by ASME International, 04/01/1999

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ASME B29.17M, 1998 Edition – Hinge Type Flat Top Conveyor Chains and Sprocket Teeth

This Standard contains information for Hinge-type Flat-top Conveyor Chains and Sprocket Teeth: A series of steel (carbon or stainless) flat surfaces of various widths as specified herein made integral with hinge-like barrels on each side. These barrels are designed to interlace so that pins inserted through the holes formed by the barrels connect adjacent links, thus forming a continuous length of flat top conveyor chain free to flex in one direction.

Pins are retained by press fit and/or heading with respect to the barrels of one link while being a free or slip fit with respect to the interlaced barrels of the adjacent link. The chain so formed is driven by meshing the curl outside diameters with sprocket teeth. Plastic hinge-type flat-top conveyor chains are similar to steel type flat top chains except that the chain links are molded of plastic material. Pins are usually made of stainless steel and may be retained by press fit or knurls.

The main topics are:
(a) General chain proportions and designations;
(b) Explanation of the chain numbering system;
(c) Chain dimensions; and
(d) Sprocket tooth form – general.

There are also Tables for:
(a) General chain dimensions, Minimum Ultimate Tensile Strength and Measuring load for checking chain length;
(b) Maximum and minimum controlling dimensions for interchangeable links;
(c) Chain clearance dimensions;
(d) Standard pitch diameter, maximum outside and bottom diameter, and pressure angle limits for normal range of sprocket teeth available with Type B tooth form sprockets; and
(e) Maximum eccentricity and face runout tolerances of sprocket teeth.

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