ASME B31.1-2014


Power Piping

standard by ASME International, August 2014

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ASME B31.1, 2014 Edition – Power Piping

Rules for this Code Section have been developed consideringthe needs for applications that include pipingtypically found in electric power generating stations, inindustrial and institutional plants, geothermal heatingsystems, and central and district heating and coolingsystems.

Key changes to this revision include the relocation of the rules for nonmetallic piping and piping lined with nonmetals from a nonmandatory appendix to a mandatory appendix, selected language from Nonmandatory Appendix V has been moved into the body of the code in Chapter VII, the preheat and post weld heat treatment rules have been reformatted into tabular form for clarity, and cold forming rules for creep strength enhanced ferritic steels have been incorporated into Chapter V.

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