ASME HST-3-2022


Performance Standard for Lever Hoists

standard by ASME International, 06/05/2022

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ASME HST-3, 2022 Edition – Performance Standard for Lever Hoists

(a) This Standard establishes performance requirements for chain, wire rope, and web strap lever hoists for lifting, pulling, and tensioning applications (see Figures 3-0.1-1 through 3-0.1-4).

(b) The specifications and information in this Standard apply to lever hoists of the following types:

(1) ratchet-and-pawl operation with
(-a) roller-type load chain lifting medium
(-b) welded-link-type load chain lifting medium
(-c) web-strap-type lifting medium
(-d) wire-rope-type lifting medium

(2) friction-brake operation with
(-a) roller-type load chain
(-b) welded-link-type load chain
(-c) web-strap-type lifting medium
(-d) wire-rope-type lifting medium

(c) Specially insulated lever hoists designed for handling high-voltage lines are not covered by this Standard.

(d) This Standard is applicable to hoists manufactured after the date on which this Standard is issued. This Standard is not applicable to

(1) damaged or malfunctioning hoists
(2) hoists that have been misused or abused
(3) hoists that have been altered without authorization of the manufacturer or a qualified person
(4) hoists used for lifting or supporting people
(5) hoists used for marine and other applications as required by the Department of Defense (DOD) unless Nonmandatory Appendix A has been invoked.

The requirements of this Standard shall be applied together with the requirements of ASME B30.21. Refer to ASME B30.21 for requirements pertaining to marking, construction, installation, inspection, testing, maintenance, and operation.

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