ASME NM.3.1-2020


Nonmetallic Materials, Part 1–Thermoplastic Material Specifications

standard by ASME International, 12/31/2020

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ASME NM.3.1, 2020 Edition – Nonmetallic Materials, Part 1–Thermoplastic Material Specifications

The NM.3 Standard provides specifications for nonmetallic materials (except wood, nonfibrous glass, and concrete) and, in conformance with the requirements of the individual construction standards, methodologies, design values, limits, and cautions on the use of materials. Similar to the function that Section II of the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC) serves for metallic materials, ASME NM.3 provides a central location for material specifications, allowable stress values and physical properties of non-metallic materials.

This Standard is divided into three parts:

ASME NM.3.1 Part 1 – Thermoplastic Material Specifications
ASME NM.3.2 Part 2 – Reinforced Thermoset Plastic Material Specifications
ASME NM.3.3 Part 3 – Properties

ASME NM.3.1 contains thermoplastic material specifications identical to or similar to those published by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM International) and other recognized national or international organizations

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