ASME PCC-3-2022


Inspection Planning Using Risk-Based Methods

standard by ASME International, 11/15/2022

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ASME PCC-3, 2022 Edition – Inspection Planning Using Risk-Based Methods

The risk analysis principles, guidance, and implementation strategies presented in this Standard are broadly applicable; however, this Standard has been specifically developed for applications involving fixed pressure-containing equipment and components. This Standard is not intended to be used for nuclear power plant components; see ASME BPVC, Section XI. It provides guidance to owners, operators, and designers of pressure-containing equipment for developing and implementing an inspection program. These guidelines include means for assessing an inspection program and its plan. The approach emphasizes safe and reliable operation through cost effective inspection. A spectrum of complementary risk analysis approaches (qualitative through fully quantitative) should be considered as part of the inspection planning process.

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