ASME PTC 10-1997 (R2014)


Compressors and Exhausters

standard by ASME International, 01/01/1997

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ASME PTC 10, 1997 Edition – Compressors and Exhausters

The object of this Code is to provide a test procedure to determine the thermodynamic performance of an axial or centrifugal compressor or exhauster doing work on a gas of known or measurable properties under specified conditions. This Code is written to provide explicit test procedures which will yield the highest level of accuracy consistent with the best engineering knowledge and practice currently available. Nonetheless, no single universal value of the uncertainty is, or should be, expected to apply to every test. The uncertainty associated with any individual PTC 10 test will depend upon practical choices made in terms of instrumentation and methodology. Rules are provided to estimate the uncertainty for individual tests. The scope of this Code includes instructions on test arrangement and instrumentation, test procedure, and methods for evaluation and reporting of final results.

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