ASME PTC 22-2005


Performance Test Code on Gas Turbines

standard by ASME International, 05/30/2006

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ASME PTC 22, 2005 Edition – Performance Test Code on Gas Turbines

This Code provides for the testing of gas turbines supplied with gaseous or liquid fuels (or solid fuels converted to liquid or gas prior to entrance to the gas turbine). Tests of gas turbines with water or steam injection for emission control and/or power augmentation are included. It may be applied to gas turbines in combined-cycle power plants or with other heat recovery systems. This Code is not applicable to gas turbines used for aircraft propulsion or to free piston power plants. Compliance testing for gas turbines in the areas of stack emissions and sound levels is not covered by this Code. Procedures developed by regulatory agencies, ANSI, or other PTC Committees are available to govern the conduct of such testing. The determination of data of a research nature or other special data is not covered by this Code.

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