ASME SRB-1-2018 (R2023)


Design, Installation, Maintenance, and Application of Ball Slewing Ring Bearings

standard by ASME International, 11/05/2018

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ASME SRB-1, 2018 Edition – Design, Installation, Maintenance, and Application of Ball Slewing Ring Bearings

This Standard applies to the design, application, installation,inspection requirements, and maintenance ofslewing ring bearings (SRBs) using balls that do notrequire dynamic capacity-life ratings. These also maybe called slewing rings. This is inclusive of four-pointcontact single-row and double-row ball bearings. Suchbearings are used in, but not limited to, equipmentsuch as hydraulic shovels, excavators, aerial platforms(manlifts), cranes, wind-power generators, building maintenanceunits (BMUs), and other equipment where onepart of the structure must rotate with respect toanother in an oscillating or indexing manner.

The purpose of this Standard is to define standardmethods to evaluate variables and establish practicesfor satisfactory performance in ball SRBs in oscillatingor indexing applications. This will allow effective communicationand exchange of data among the user, installer,and SRB manufacturer such that all parties understandeach other’s requirements and have a common point ofreference.

Certain parameters are standardized to reduce thepotential for confusion between the SRB manufacturerand the user. Acceptance criteria and guidelines areprovided for SRB design, material, inspection requirements,and application.

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