ASME VVUQ 10.2-2021


Standard for Verification and Validation in Computational Solid Mechanics

standard by ASME International, 05/31/2022

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ASME VVUQ 10.2, 2021 Edition – Standard for Verification and Validation in Computational Solid Mechanics

The purpose of this Standard is to expand upon the important role of uncertainty quantification (UQ) in verification, validation, and uncertainty quantification (VVUQ), as outlined in Figure 1.1-1. UQ plays an important part in each of the “Modeling and Simulation” and “Physical Experimentation” branches illustrated in the figure, ultimately quantifying the uncertainties in the “Simulation Results” and “Experimental Results” generating the “Simulation Outputs” and “Experimental Outputs.” A detailed description of this figure is provided in ASME V&V 10-2019.

Consistent with the purpose of ASME V&V 10-2019, the motivation for developing ASME VVUQ 10.2 is the need for a common language and process of UQ in computational solid mechanics (CSM), particularly as it may relate to how model developers perform UQ as well as how they subsequently communicate results, conclusions, and recommendations to a decision-maker. A decision-maker may be any individual or representative body, such as a review panel, deemed responsible for determining if a model is acceptable for its intended uses. The decision-maker may also be a customer relying on model predictions to inform a decision.

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